The AUSTRALIAN PRACTICE GROUP for ARCHICAD users is a mechanism to increase the engagement and opportunities to build a stronger ARCHICAD community. The main focus is on forming local practice / user groups where ideas and problems can be shared and discussed on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.


The benefits from joining the group are as follows

  • Have a voice on national BIM issues and provide feedback to Collaborate

  • Insight on workflows of other practices

  • Feedback on your own workflows

  • Share resources to develop smart library parts

  • Create a bigger voice to manufacturers to produce content for ARCHICAD


Next event date TBC


Next event date TBC


Next event date TBC



Collaborate Groups

Collaborate ANZ statement of collaboration

It has been an exciting time within the BIM fraternity over the past few years. The number of clients and government bodies either requesting or requiring BIM deliverables coupled with the scale of adoption within many companies and across industry is extremely encouraging.

This has been lead in large part by the dedication of numerous people and companies whom have given up their own time, often for free, to further the industry as a whole. This work has been realised in many forms:

- Local technical user groups (ArchiCAD, Revit, Microstation etc)

- Regional ‘BIM’ user groups

- Groups assisting industry bodies with guidance papers (AIA, MBIE, Consult Australia, APCC, ACIF)

- Annual conferences (Revit Technology Conference, other hosted events)

- Collaborate and its working groups

How do we affect wholesale change in industry if we are working in isolation? This has been talked about for many years and we all agree it’s time for us to change it.

Collaborate ANZ and each local and regional user group are now working together as Affiliate Groups. This will unify our collective cross industry ideals of providing knowledge advancement of BIM through consistent, industry agreed processes.


Another exciting development in industry!