Delivering Quality BIM

nathan hildebrandtJul 28 2014

BIM is one of the biggest catch phrases in the Construction Industry in Australia with many players claiming to have BIM Capabilities. Over the last couple of months I have been thinking quite intensively about this. There are organisations that have created systems to determine BIM Capability, but some of the areas in their rating system I don’t believe really are a good measure of your BIM capability. How is a capability to set up IT infrastructure a rated item? I am asking myself how do you confirm the quality of your BIM deliverables? And how can I set up systems that enable Fulton Trotter to meet current and future BIM deliverables.

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Turning a Constraint into Gold

nathan hildebrandtMay 31 2014

It is just about that time of year when ArchiCAD users get their hands on the latest release of ArchiCAD. The cries can be heard already "where is the Stair Tool?" etc. I used to be one of these people that would focus on what Graphisoft wasn't doing and missing out on the opportunities that their development brought with the new release. Yes there are things that need attention in ArchiCAD and as a client that pays for the software we should be getting software that enables us to meet our deliverables, but I hope by the end of this post I might bring you closer to my way of thinking.

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Graphisoft Australia - Brisbane User Group Meeting May 2014

nathan hildebrandtMay 28 2014
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On Monday night Graphisoft Australia hosted the Brisbane ArchiCAD User Group Meeting. The second event in its new and improved format held at the XXXX Brewery is growing in popularity and the venue packed out with just under 60 attendees.

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Putting the “I” into your BIM Documentation

nathan hildebrandtMay 24 2014

This is my second Guest Blog post over on Shoegnome from February this year

In my last post I talked about using Building Materials to check the level of development and resolution in your model. This post will continue to look at another concept that forms part of Fulton Trotter Architects ArchiCAD 17 template that can be adapted and used in your practice.

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