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May Winfield

May Winfield

Associate Director, Buro Happold

May is a senior construction and construction insurance lawyer of over 16 years’ experience.  She has worked for and within various international organisations within the design and construction industry, as well as advising and representing insurers in this area.  She was one of the first UK lawyers to start investigating the legal and contractual implications of BIM in-depth as far back as 2011, and her 2014 UK Society of Construction Law paper on this issue is still cited worldwide.  She has since co-written a number of leading papers, reports and guidance on different areas of BIM.  Most recently, she led small teams to draft the JCT Practice Note on BIM and the UK legal and contractual guidance regarding the new BIM international standard, ISO 19650.  She is currently leading another small team to draft a standard contract protocol for use in construction projects seeking to conform to the ISO 19650 series.  May has written numerous papers and articles on not just BIM, but also other aspects of construction technology, including 3D printing, drones and modular construction.  She is recognised as one of the leading legal specialists in the UK in the area of BIM and related technologies, and speaks at conferences worldwide on the topic; most recently giving the opening keynote on the UK’s BIM legal journey at a buildingSMART BIM legal conference in Berlin and the opening keynote at the BIMTI conference in Porto, as well as speaking at a BIM conference in Johannesburg (returning just before the pandemic lockdown!).   She is presently researching and writing a report on the international legal impact of the new international BIM standard, ISO19650, with the author of the ISO 19650-2 and a further international BIM dispute resolution specialist.

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