Nathan Hildebrandt | Director, Skewed

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Nathan was told in his second year of Architecture school that his hand drawing was poor and that he needed to find a new way to present his ideas. He went away and taught himself ARCHICAD. Today he is considered one of the best users of ARCHICAD in the world. His philosophy is quite simple, when presented with a problem or a challenge he will find a way to overcome it and deliver an outcome that is superior to where he was before. He is skilled in learning new technologies and understanding quickly whether they can be applied in business to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of day to day operations.

Nathan is highly driven and motivated to succeed. Primarily his focus is on client satisfaction. He achieves this through learning and understanding their key needs and working within budget constraints with his project team to deliver successful projects. His demonstrated achievements lead to him being offered an ownership position at Fulton Trotter Architects and the long-standing relationships he has maintained with clients with some that have lasted over 10 years. Having left Fulton Trotter Architects Nathan now provides Architectural, Digital Services and Training through his business Skewed.



Jorge Beneitez | Managing Director | Co-Founder, enzyme

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Master Architect and Urban Planner by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM).  He has lived and worked in several countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. He is currently based in Hong Kong.

Jorge co-founded enzyme in 2015 with the goal of pursuing a better implementation of technology and the development of methodologies to improve the design and building process. He is an ARCHICAD Registered Consultant and an expert on BIM and Grasshopper, having developed workflows between both platforms seeking for better performance of the tools and enhancing the design capabilities of BIM workflows. 


Blair Calvert | National BIM Manager, DKO Architects

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His extensive experience in information modelling software allows DKO to effectively deliver design services within a rapidly changing technology environment.

As DKO’s National BIM Manager, Blair Calvert plays a crucial role in driving the strategic deployment of Building Information Modelling across all DKO projects. His extensive experience in information modelling software allows DKO to effectively deliver design services within a rapidly changing technology environment.

Prior to assuming his current role Blair was tasked with the delivery of diverse projects within DKO portfolio, providing him with a well-rounded understanding of building construction requirements.


Eugenio Fontan | BIM Director | Co-Founder, enzyme

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Eugenio Fontan is the BIM Director of Enzyme APD Limited. He is based in Hong Kong and has more than 10 years of experience developing different kind of projects using BIM. He obtained his Master Degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM) in Architecture, Construction and Urban planning. 

He worked in several offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy and UK before he moved back to Hong Kong to found Enzyme APD, a BIM Architecture Office that develop Architecture, Masterplan and Interior projects at an international level.  He is also Registered BIM consultant by Graphisoft. Throughout his experience in those international projects, he developed his skills as BIM expert creating his own methodologies and design processes to develop projects using BIM from the early stage through their whole life cycle.


Lachlan Green | Architect, Fulton Trotter Architects

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Lachlan Green is a registered Architect at Fulton Trotter Architects. Starting in a small home office practice using 2D workflows he quickly realised the advantages of a BIM platform. Determined to achieve faster, easier and more accurate workflows, Lachlan began self-training in ARCHICAD. Step by step, each project was pushed further than the last, to the point that all documentation was created in ARCHICAD with live sections, elevations and interactive door & window schedules. Seeking ways to further improve results Lachlan turned to GDL, the native programming language within ArchiCAD used to create parametric objects.

In 2012, Lachlan joined Fulton Trotter Architects and under the leadership of Nathan Hildebrant, helped to dramatically overhaul documentation workflows leading to increased accuracy and efficiency. Most recently he was tasked with creating the offices' template for ARCHICAD 23 with a focus on improving embedded data in favourites and how it exports in IFC.


Matthew Johnson | Associate Director, POWE Architects

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Matthew has spent the last 20 years researching and applying the methods and strategies of integrated building information modelling techniques within a growing architectural practice in South-east Queensland. With OPENBIM technology now reaching maturity, his focus is now in working with other design and procurement consultants to deliver coordinated design outcomes for built projects through a cooperative model-based environment. Matthew firmly believes that the key to leveraging BIM as a technology lies in understanding the processes of interaction we use as design professionals.


Szabolcs Mikó | BIM Consultant, GRAPHISOFT HQ


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Szabolcs is an architectural engineer, graduated from the Technical University of Budapest. He worked in various segments of our industry during his studies, construction, design, project management, and after graduation joined GRAPHISOFT. Started as a Technical Support Engineer at headquarters and GRAPHISOFT UK in Nottingham, then became a presenter and trainer developing and delivering GRAPHISOFT BIM classes around the globe, consulting large accounts and focusing on education to develop the next generation of passionate ARCHICAD users.


Barbora Nemeckayova | BIM Specialist, Fulton Trotter Architects

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Barbora has a strong passion for Building Information Modelling and creating visualisations. Prior to commencing work in the industry, Barbora obtained a Bachelor of Architectural Design from the University of Technology in Sydney and Certificate III in Multimedia. She understands the importance of communicating effectively and actively investigates technologies and tools to connect people together to enable clearer information transfer.

Over the last 5 years she has gained experience working in a variety of different organisations. She worked in a small architectural practice in Manly, Sydney, where she discovered BIM and spent a significant amount of time preparing documentation and visualisations for client and stakeholder presentations. Working for a software reseller Barbora provided technical support and training in BIM processes. 

Barbora currently works for Fulton Trotter Architects in Brisbane as a BIM Specialist where she is part of a team that continues to investigate tools and processes to maintain the practices world-leading BIM processes. She has led the testing of different visualisation tools over the last 2 years before settling on Enscape where she has developed workflows and training modules for team members.


Liam Thierans | Spatial Services Manager /Partner, Bennett + Bennett

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I am an energetic spatial professional who is passionate about applying the latest technology and expertise in all facets of surveying to provide the best project outcomes for clients. I am very fortunate to lead Bennett + Bennett’s talented Spatial Services team who are award-winning experts in Laser Scanning / LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Drone / RPAS services, Manned Aircraft Mapping, 3D modelling, Spatial Data Analysis and Digital Engineering. Over the last decade at Bennett + Bennett I have enjoyed valuable experience in Construction, Civil, Mining, Cadastral / Land Developments, Laser Scanning and Mapping.

My mantra is to leverage progressive spatial survey solutions to provide the answers that clients need at the greatest possible value.


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"Well worth the time in my daily business"

"It's a must attend for all serious ARCHICAD users."

"What I learnt from ARCHINTENSIVE will save me going down lots of dead ends. It really helped sharpen my focus on those things that will save time."

"The spread of topics across the sessions was really good. Can't imagine anyone would have walked away without a bunch of key 'take-away' ideas or learnings, regardless of the size/type of practice they work for."

"The breadth of knowledge shared at ARCHINTENSIVE makes this a not-to-be-missed addition to the ARCHICAD training calendar for future years."

"I think people are really hungry for ARCHICAD events like this.  Great opportunity to meet like minded people, learn new tricks & extend your knowledge not only in ARCHICAD."

"You don't know what you don't know, now I know a little more."

"The knowledge and expertise present at ARCHINTENSIVE provides an in-depth snapshot into what the software is capable of when utilised by masters of the technology. It provides takeaways that are invaluable by the participants to take back to practice and improve processes that far outweighs the investment to get to the event. Thanks to Nathan and everyone else who talked at the event."

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