ARCHICON 2016 is returning bigger and better than ever! This is great news for those who attended last year.  Those who didn’t can read a blog post written by one of the attendees, Len Powe of POWE Architects.  

There are two significant changes – the first being that the event will be run by RTC Event Management, rather than Skewed.  The second; the ARCHICON 2016 event itself will be co-located with RTC Australasia 2016 to bring more AEC industry folk together.

After the inaugural ARCHICON event last year, it was apparent that the appetite for more was a platform for growth.  The effort required to grow it mean that more support was needed.

By way of background, I’d been in discussions with some of the RTCem team for a while, and I knew a little of why they did what they did.  Their vision seemed a good fit; mostly because they’re committed to building up communities dedicated to the built environment – and their events are ‘by users, for users’.  I attended RTC Australasia 2015 on the Gold Coast, and was very impressed.  The event management team was extremely professional, and everyone I met was all very open and passionate about finding better ways to achieve things.  The presentations themselves were candid and focused on best outcomes.  RTCem has succeeded in building a vibrant and connected community of users - which is something I feel that through this change I can help ARCHICAD users to share in and become part of.  While the event has its roots in Autodesk Revit, there were plenty of sessions where this wasn’t apparent.

You can read more of my thoughts about that event on this blog post:

By working with RTCem I genuinely believe I can help facilitate the best potential conference outcome for ARCHICON 2016 attendees. They share not only my desire to produce a great event experience, but also to bring the whole industry together at the one event. This also opens up better networking opportunities for ARCHICON 2016 attendees as they have opportunity to experience more than just ARCHICAD-centric methodologies.  Because the events are co-located, they can attend RTC sessions as well – and can elect to attend through Saturday for more. Essentially our industry needs fewer silos, and to have everyone in the same field working and playing well together. This alone makes the event better than last year, providing access to many others from the AEC industry.  Others that have similar business and practice challenges – some of whom have solutions that are relevant irrespective of software.  While having separate events may appear as silos to some, attendees of both events can freely move between conference sessions.  They’ll share the formal welcome and keynote address, as well as breaks and social events – which is a great way to meet others and discuss common problems and solutions.

The ARCHICON 2016 Program is now bigger; up from 1 day to 2 days. For those who consider themselves ‘hardcore enthusiasts’, it could be 3 days with the inclusion of the last day of RTC – something I highly recommend. The session lengths (75mins) allow exploration of more technical detail and resolution of real-world challenges or solutions.

Day one sessions will focus on ARCHICAD and BIMx Pro. In the morning ARCHICON 2016 will have a shared session with RTC Australasia to hear from the Keynote Speaker (Dave Rendall).  In the evening there is a Welcome Function with drinks and canapes.  Day two moves from ARCHICAD to ARCHICAD-and-OPENBIM workflows and integration with other software. These sessions are key for all ARCHICAD users in the growth and development of collaboration in practice.

We close out the event with an interactive panel discussion with all presenters on stage to discuss OPENBIM successes and failures, with an open invitation for the audience to participate directly. ARCHICON 2016 closes out Day 2 with another shared social event with RTC Australasia.

Overall the outcome I most want to achieve for attendees at ARCHICON 2016 is to learn key workflows that will enable OPENBIM processes to be implemented and/or enhanced within your practice. I want to provide a place to meet and network with other ARCHICAD Users to build the community – as well as other key industry representatives as a step towards more collaborative OPENBIM delivery for your clients. Amongst all of this, I want attendees to have a lot of fun while learning.

There is nothing around the world like this for ARCHICAD Users. Do feel free to send me any questions you have about the event.

I look forward to seeing you at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley for ARCHICON 2016!


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