The purpose of Skewed is to assist Architects in the adoption of BIM and to build a stronger ARCHICAD Community.

This is done through a number of initiatives;

Australian Practice Group for ARCHICAD Users

The APG for ARCHICAD Users is for Practices that use ARCHICAD as their principal BIM Authoring Tool to learn and act as the voice to Collaborate ANZ as an Affiliate Group.

These events are held in Brisbane & Melbourne with more locations around Australia progressively growing.



ARCHICON was first held in 2015, by Skewed. At the inaugural event we had 96 guests at our 1 day conference. In 2016 Skewed passed over management responsibilities to RTC Events Management. The 2016 ARCHICON event was run in parallel with RTC Australasia 2016 in the Hunter Valley as a 2 day event with Nathan Hildebrandt continuing as the Chairman of the ARCHICON event. In 2017 ARCHICON as a named event changed to become the ARCHICAD related stream of BILT ANZ 2017 presented by RTC EM. Nathan is continuing to bring his expertise in bringing together ARCHICAD related content as a Stream Leader of BILT ANZ. These events and content aim to bring the best ARCHICAD users in the world to share their experiences and processes with local ARCHICAD Users.


Skewed Blog

Articles sharing experiences and thoughts relating to BIM and ARCHICAD and general Architectural Practice.


BIM template for ARCHICAD

Skewed produced templates for ARCHICAD 19 + 20 as a paid template. Skewed produced its last template for ARCHICAD 21 and released it as a free template so all ARCHICAD users had access to the world's most advanced commercially available template for free.



Nathan Hildebrandt

Nathan Hildebrandt

AIA, BARCH (Hons), BBE (Arch St.)

A firm believer in the mantra,

“If you are not making someone’s life better with what you are doing then you are wasting your time.”  


“Work hard till your idols, idolise you!”  

Skewed is led by Nathan Hildebrandt a registered Architect in QLD and NSW, Australia. He is a Director at Fulton Trotter Architects. He has used ARCHICAD since 2002 and is a valuable contributor to a number of GRAPHISOFT programs.

He is a recognised leader in BIM and ARCHICAD globally presenting at international and national level conferences and numerous local events. He is the Sponsorship Manager of BrisBIM a group that produces free bi-monthly BIM events. He was also the sole organiser for the inaugural ARCHICON User conference attended by over 90 people.

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