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Nathan Hildebrandt 9 March, 2022

PLan for baseball stadium facility

A Failure to Plan, is a Plan to Fail!

Sporting Clubs are the heart of the community. The efforts and energy of the volunteers in each club make them the special places they are. One of the challenges sporting clubs’ faces is the development of facilities. The development of facilities is a significant task, one that needs professional support. It requires understanding of future needs of the club, grant and funding requirements, local authority approvals, design, documentation, and specification of the facilities, along with the project management of the delivery of the project in a logical and effective manner.

Strategic & Master Planning

To make the most of the limited funding that is available, we work with our clients to first understand the club’s current needs and the needs moving into the future. The workshops and discussions result in a master plan for your site. This master plan sets out the works to be completed, which can be undertaken in stages as funding permits. Having a master plan for your facilities also prevents good work having to be removed or demolished because it is in the way of other future developments that weren’t considered at the time.

At this stage we provide you with a Coloured Site Plan and Perspectives to assist you to fundraise and seek funding for ‘shovel ready’ grants from local, state, and federal government agencies. We work closely with other consultants including a Quantity Surveyor to provide costing estimates so you also know how much your project/s will cost so you can plan and seek appropriate funding.

Funding / Grant Applications

Skewed can assist your team or application consultant in the preparation of funding specific design documentation and estimates with our network of specialist consultants. 
At this stage we provide site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections drawings as required by the funding/grant submission requirements. We can also provide indicative programs and project budgets with the assistance of other specialist consultants and Quantity Surveyor.

Project Delivery

Skewed provides Project Management and Architectural Services to assist your club deliver facilities. We work in accordance with the funding/grant conditions and requirements, so you comply with your funding bodies. Throughout the project delivery phase, we can lead, and project manage the project from funding/grant approval through to acquittal. We perform the following tasks for you to make the complex process of facility development for your committee and club as easy as possible:

  • Complete the concept design work in accordance with your club’s brief.
  • Liaise with local authorities and manage the development application process with the local authority.
  • Manage the design and documentation process with the team of specialist consultants.
  • Prepare tender and construction documentation and manage the tender process for the building contractors.
  • Administer the construction contract and inspect the works, to check they are built as documented.
  • Manage the defects liability period and advise the contractor of defects that need to be rectified.

Sport & recreation architecture services

We work with schools, local authorities, sporting bodies and clubs to deliver architecture for sports facilities across Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

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