Skewed Architecture, supporting the next generation of Architects

Nathan Hildebrandt 15 March, 2024
Nathan Hildebrandt with Paul Loh Head of School, Abedian School of Architecture Bond University

Nathan Hildebrandt with Paul Loh Head of School, Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University

Earlier this week Skewed Architecture, Director, Nathan Hildebrandt spent the afternoon sharing his experiences in practice with second-year Bond University Architecture Students, with other industry experts. The students later this year will commence industry placements with practices on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, gaining first-hand experience in Architectural Practice. 

Nathan spoke about his journey through university, his experience delivering projects and the importance of investing in themselves and developing their skills. He also took the time to review several CVs and Portfolios, providing feedback to the students to improve their first impressions with potential employers.

This event is one of the ways in which Skewed Architecture is supporting the next generation of Architects. Nathan confirmed with Paul Loh, the Head of School, Abedian School of Architecture at the event that Skewed will continue its support of first-year students, in sponsoring their first year of AIA SONA membership fees this year.

Paul Loh on the sponsorship from Skewed Architecture, 

“Thank you for your generous support towards our first-year students this year; our students have benefitted from their SONA membership, including SONA-led events such as the recent Portfolio evening held at the Abedian School of Architecture. One of the 1st Year students (Harvey Rogers) has also stepped up to be our 2024 SONA representative at the National level – evidence of the impact of Skewed’s sponsorship. Last, at the recent Head of Architecture School meeting, I announced Skewed support towards SONA membership at the Abedian School – the first in the Country and the envy of many Schools.”


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